Don’t Be a Zooming Zombie: Bring Life to Your Virtual World

  • November 19, 2020
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Virtually via Zoom
  • 45


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2020 has been like looking both ways to cross and getting hit by an airplane. We have led our organizations through a pandemic, racial justice issues and survived a political season, all through a screen! We As we closeout 2020, HREF invites to you join a stress-free zoom for laughs and connection with your HREF colleagues!

Howie Milstein will wax both eloquently and inelegantly on the realities and myths of our new virtual realities, and propose some ways to break out of the "ho humness" of interacting with people who are poorly lit and sometimes even sleeping. Hopefully useful and definitely annoying, Howie will struggle and sweat through an experience that could provoke some new thinking. Or not.

The program will begin with 30 minutes of informal networking with other HREF participants, followed by Howie’s session at 5 pm.

About Howie
Howie Milstein decided early in his career
 to question conventional thinking and seek the truth that is rooted in unbiased observation. As the world of medicine tries to evolve towards a system of evidence-based care, so Howie believes that it’s more meaningful to live an evidence-based life and lead evidence-based communities. 

As the Twin Cities’ first personal trainer in the 1980’s, Howie found that available resources that promoted certain ways of motivating his clients did not resonate with his observations. Spawned from this curiosity to learn the bases of the human condition was a passion that guided his studies and leadership principles. These principles have been implemented in many roles since his personal training days, including over 25 years managing teams in the medical device industry, with titles including Distributor, National Sales Manager, Sr. Vice President of Sales, Chief Operating Officer, President, and The Gangster of Love (his favorite). Now re-invented as a leadership consultant, author, and career coach, his titles are Vocational Irritant and Provocateur. Proudly annoying, Howie has many victims including his clients, audiences, community stakeholders, and non-profit agencies and board members. 

A strong adherent to the ideas of Self Determination Theory - including the principles of autonomy, mastery and purpose - Howie learned that acquiring an understanding of motivation was only half the battle. In order to optimize culture, employee engagement, and predictable outcomes, he had to become deeply introspective and choose the best leadership style to nurture innovation, passion and growth. When he stopped taking himself so seriously, things got better. Much better. 

As the CEO/Provocateur with the Institute to Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously!, Howie’s message is that, while there are myriad options to attempt cultural change in organizations, perhaps the only thing is for individuals to seriously manage their egos. Jobs and careers aren’t just for economic sustenance, rather they are a means to access and contribute to healthy communities where individuals are emotionally bolstered, challenged, and valued. 

Howie takes a lighthearted approach to life and brings that to his writing and speaking style. He encourages questions and spirited discussions that challenge dysfunctional paradigms, to which he has developed a serious allergy. Believing that change is not possible without discomfort, Howie ensures that those in his sphere will never have so much fun while being encouraged to step outside their comfort zones. 

Howie holds degrees in biochemistry and exercise physiology, as well as certifications in Intrinsic Coaching (Totally Coached/Intrinsic Solutions International) and as a Job and Career Transition Coach. He has a wife and three adult children with minds of their own. Residing in Plymouth, Minnesota, Howie likes to golf, garden, motorcycle, and keep himself in reasonable physical (and mental) condition. He is a strong advocate for community and has held many non-profit volunteer leadership positions. He is addicted to entrepreneurism and new ideas, which drives his wife and friends crazy. 

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