October 13: Systems Thinking

September 22, 2021 5:39 PM | Christine Strak

In this session, Tina DeSalvo will discuss how seeing your organization through a systems thinking perspective gives us more ability to choose our responses and function more proactively and effectively. As the pace of change, ambiguity and uncertainty increases, using a systems lens to make decisions allows you to mindfully listen to the emerging future vs. getting trapped into using old patterns and data to make future changes. The more we understand systemic behavior, the more we can anticipate that behavior and not be in a perpetual state of reaction.

The session will not only give you an overview of what systems thinking is, but will give you models in which you can use to see your team, department or function differently. We get what we look for. Systems thinking gives us tools to see our structures and organizations differently as they can get to the heart and psyche of a team or organization and identify why repeated patterns, resistance, or clogs are at play.

Tina is an organizational development consultant with a background in dialogue, collective intelligence, systems thinking, emotional intelligence and Jungian typology. She works with leaders and teams in systems large and small to uncover what's dying to happen in an organization and bring forth its potential in a safe and expedient way. From Fortune 25 companies to B Corps and Non-Profits, Tina is known for her accessibility, dialogue, design, and safe space making, and a non-jargoned, non-judgmental, way of working. For more information on Tina and her work you can visit www.thesoulpurpose.com or www.linkedin.com/in/tinadesalvo

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