May 18th Program: Applying the Heroic Journey to Today’s Workforce: Helping People Make Sense of Life Transitions on the Job

March 17, 2022 6:56 AM | Christine Strak

Today’s human resource (HR) and organization development (OD) executives are grappling with a new realization — “wounded people” are coming to work. From receptionists to CEOs, employees are struggling with both personal and professional challenges in their lives. The issues range from a myriad of situations such as the impacts of COVID-19, working from home, remote classrooms, sick children, elderly parents, returning to work after cancer treatment, a death in the family, or promotions that require cross-country moves.

Without a perspective framework or roadmap to manage these issues, productivity can be lost, morale can be impacted and focus on the business at hand hard to sustain. Too often good people are lost in the process.  Please join HREF’s May program to learn how you can help your leaders change their mindset and skillset when facing a challenge and see how reframing our experiences can help us embrace our stories and our journey.

As president of the Prouty Project, Peter Bailey develops transformational experience that improve collaboration by helping people expand their life skills, belief systems and communication processes. He also designs and facilitates cross-cultural strategic planning and innovation programs for companies eager to help their people become more effective global team members.  Having traveled, lived, and worked in 50 countries on four continents, there’s no one better suited to the work than Peter.

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